What needs fixing?

No matter what area you want to advance in, we will help you with our strong commitment, passion and focus and we are not shy to challenge you. To make real change, we believe in close collaborations, a clearly defined strategy and heaps of training.

Sales & Service

We provide effective methods that lead to successful sales growth and soaring customer satisfaction.


We have proven experience in developing and training managers to become inspiring and motivating leaders.

Corporate culture

We help you build a thriving corporate culture, leading to business progression and happy, satisfied employees.

”There is no doubt about the positive results experienced by those trained in sales management. These are companies which achieve their goals more frequently and their way of working involves smart tools that become part of their DNA.”

Per Lundblad, Business Manager at Power Solutions, Addtech

Are you looking for an uninspiring motivational speaker whom you’ll quickly forget? Keep looking.

At Lime Intenz, we don’t stop until you have achieved real, sustainable change. We have a great ability to quickly grasp and get the essence of any business and put in motion the behavioural changes required to achieve the set goals.

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