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With our sales training program you and your team will get the right tools and methods needed to increase your results. We always customize our programs to your needs, so you can start creating new and healthier sales habits!

Sales growth

The devil is in the details! Selling successfully is a skill - a skill that can be acquired. We know how!

Services that sell

More customers, happier customers and returning customers. Having outstanding service is a competitive edge. Together, we will make you into a customer magnet!

Strategy & analysis

We set the strategy, enabling you to reach your goals.

Individual professional coaching

Let’s turn all our focus onto you, your strengths and your potentials. We will enable you to develop, prosper and reach your goals as a sales person.

Negotiation skills

You’ll lead the negotiations with poise until the deal is closed. Advancing your negotiation skills is a wise investment of time and energy.

Presentation skills

Become a confident speaker! Avoid "Death by PowerPoint" and learn how to make a real impact at your sales meetings.

Inspiration for your sales training course

Get inspiration for your sales training, what version would be of interest for you?
We have premade packages but can customize the training to fit your needs!

Sales behavior

  • Salesculture
  • Balance between Sales & Service
  • 5 saletypes and their performance
  • Challenger Sales
  • The Sales Fork: Quantity, Priority & Quality
  • Customer platform: Increase your invoicing through prioritizing of customers and products

Communication & Behavior Analysis

  • How to create and host the optimal customer meeting
  • Effecient upsales
  • Reach your customers in your communication
  • What questions should you ask your customers?
  • The sales matrix: Create a need before a solution

Valuebased sales

  • The Sales Matrix
  • Valuebased Sales: Use the right process, techniques and questions
  • Valuebased selling questions
  • How to communicate to customers what value your product brings
  • Active listening: How & Why

How do you lead the digital meeting?

When you’re having a physical meeting at location it’s easier to influence your potential customer, but how do you do it when the meeting is digital? If someone shuts off their camera, does it make it easier to influence them or harder? What can you do to avoid that happening?

We’ll teach you all the techniques you need to steer the conversation the right way, even when it’s held in digital format!

Physical meetings 100% 10% 5% 60% 30% E-mail SMS/Chat Phone Digital with video

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