Sales and leadership training across the organisation

Cloetta’s history goes all the way back to the 19th century, when Malmö became the first Swedish city with a chocolate factory. Today, Cloetta is a leading company in the Swedish confectionary market and their 650 passionate employees satisfy our sweet cravings on a daily basis.

The collaboration between Cloetta and Lime Intenz has been in place for many years now and involves everything from recurring sales and leadership development programs to change management work in relation to the introduction of Cloetta’s new corporate values.

During our long and intimate cooperation, we have had the opportunity to really get to understand both Cloetta’s corporate culture and its strategies. This has allowed for successful integrated work with managers and leaders across the company. And it has delivered visible outcomes.

“We see important results of our collaboration in the yearly employee surveys we conduct, which shows improvements within several areas, including communications and leadership."

Regina Ekström, HR Director Cloetta Sweden AB.