Why should you have a kickoff?

Is a kickoff the same thing as a company event? A kickoff can be anything you want it to be! It can be a company conference, a party or a company event with all your customers, it all depends on what you want to do for your kickoff. Normaly a kickoff is done before a big project or at the start of a new period in time. In other words, a kickoff let’s you mark something that you feel is important for your company.

We can help you organize your kickoff and company event with fun games and inspiring talks that will be part of an unforgettable memory!

Glory of the Galaxy

Glory of the Galaxy is a game you do on events where the participants are challenged in thinking proactively and strategically to win the game. It’s easier to learn and get engaged in your companys mission and goals when it’s wrapped up in a game during an event.

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In your shoes

Have you ever heard someone say “How hard can it be?” or “Why hasn’t someone dealt with this?” at your company? Do you have company values that everyone is supposed to know but doesn’t seem to be leading the culture of the company?

Then “In Your Shoes” is exactly what you need!

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