Jessica Schöön

Jessica is passionate about people and business operations. She is driven by the conviction that great results come from a deep understanding of both. Jessica’s consultant style has been described as “matter of fact” and free from worn out clichés. Instead, she provides honest, accurate and constructive feedback.

An area that is close to Jessica’s heart is what’s called Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is about developing one’s mental strength to access enormous potential within that person. One of Jessica’s strengths is that she is approachable and assertive at the same time, meaning she is perceived as a natural authority. She is often challenging people, but only if there is a clearly understood purpose behind it. And she always does it with the right intention and a dose of quirky humour. Jessica’s commitment is evident outside work as well. She loves to spend time with family and friends, to exercise and hike, as well as getting together for parties. Some 10 people show up on Jessica’s patio every Saturday at 8 am for a fresh cup of coffee followed by an intense Kettlebell session – every weekend, all year around!

Ted Bragfeldt

Ready for a “Ted talk”? Ted is the tireless energy consultant who is driven by inspiration. With a degree in economics with a focus on Corporate Finance, it may have been unpredictable that B2B sales would become Ted’s specialty, but 10 years into a successful career, there is no doubt that he found the right element early on.

Now Ted wants to use his experience of building strong sales teams to help organizations advance to the top division, usually with a digital twist. With the right mix of good leadership, the right behaviors and smart technology, everything is possible. In his spare time, Ted stands with one leg on the ski slope and one in the Italian kitchen. Therefore, count on both piste and pasta talk when there is no change management on the menu!

Daniel Kelly

Daniel has a curious approach to and genuine interest in people. He feels particularly enthusiastic when he can help others reach their goals -as enthusiastic (well, almost anyway) as he is about downhill skiing.

Daniel loves interactions with other people and is particularly passionate about people’s behaviours and what it is that drives them to behave in a certain fashion. Over the last 13 years, Daniel has been fortunate to witness people develop and grow in their roles within various enterprises. As a consultant, Daniel has a curious approach and a really honest commitment to the people he works with. He loves to take control and inspire when it is required, but he knows when to listen and observe and to assess the thoughts and behaviours of others. His time outside work is primarily devoted to his family, although we suspect skiing is something he loves doing, particularly after having spent five full seasons in the Alps.

Maria Sörlin Hagberg

Meet Maria, or “The Navigator” as she is called by initiated sailing colleagues. Yes, Maria not only navigates organizations towards new successes but has sailed both on the west coast and across the Atlantic. But of course that’s just a side job. When it comes to working life, Maria is passionate about helping individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Success comes when it is easy to do the right thing. Or is it maybe that things get easy, when you focus on the right things? Maria knows from her own experience from a number of different industries and roles in sales, leadership and business development how challenges should be met. Together with your organization, she picks up keys and spreads a real do-er mentality that speeds up the gears.

Anna Aldrin

A good customer experience begins with the employees. Anna therefore puts the finishing touches on creating genuine joy and commitment in your team. By others, she is described as a clear-sighted and positive person who likes to stay active with various sports and activities.

With 20 years of experience and a versatile career in sales, Anna has a lot of tips and tools to share. But perhaps her most enviable trait is, according to some, the ability to sleep just about anytime and anywhere. In other words, you always have a rested and energetic consultant and mainstay in Anna, who inspires you to become your best self at work!

Josefin Garin

Josefin is a familiar face within the Lime family, with almost ten years in various roles within sales and leadership. The thoughts on corporate finance after graduating in economics had to be put aside early on when IT and relationships proved to be much more fun.

The more she learned, the more she also loved to teach. At Lime Intenz, Josefin is now taking the plunge and will devote all her attention to helping leaders lead and teams grow. Empathetic and adventurous are otherwise words that can describe Josefin well. This is not about sharp elbows but about contributing to development through an understanding of each organization's unique challenges. Adventurousness goes hand in hand with curiosity for both new people and sports - if life is a little too stagnant, you can always hang out with Josefin on a ride in her kayak!

Camilla Skoog

When you’re around Camilla you’ll be laughing in no time and she’s not a person that shies away from adventure, even if it means diving next to a shipwreck, climbing a mountain or to help her customers reach new heights! She’s our “rhetorician in the backpocket”, since communication between people is a big part of her recipe for success!

Did you know that she once sent a videopitch to a CEO and described herself as a Redbull, she builds corporate wings instead? The CEO replied quickly and said "Let's do this!"

With experience from Sweden, Norway and Denmark she's had multiple roles in sales. In her backpack of things she's carrying multiple salesrecords, brands that have sold for billions, mergers of companies and last but not least development of both organisations and individuals. With her wast experience comes a broad knowledge of all the salesprocesses a company has, and what you can do to improve them. For Camilla it's important to leave her audience with a feeling of "Everything is possible"!

Max Kolthoff

With a wonderfully exuberant energy, Max lights up every room. With a strong positivity combined with a successful background in sales and business management, Max creates memorable meetings that last. With his added expertise in rhetoric’s, he also provides unique insights and creates a guaranteed high level of engagement.

Challenging the status quo has always been a bit of Max's trademark. He is constantly trying to find new and more effective ways, both internally and externally. At the same time, it goes without saying that laughter should take centre stage.

Linus Eng

With a background from both Business School (Handelshögskolan) and the Sales Academy (Försäljningsakademin), Linus has spent his entire career in leadership and sales. For many years Linus worked in the consulting industry and met with many companies and individuals, from this arose a great curiosity and passion for what creates successful organizations and profitable results.

With the conviction that we not only need to train to get better, but we also need to think about what our contribution is to the common corporate culture. If we can combine this, we will create the conditions for a high level of commitment that will put us in an even better position to meet future challenges and achieve our goals. Linus now lives in Gothenburg with his wife and two small children, although he is originally from Bohuslän and enjoys sitting on a warm granite rock or bobbing on the sea in a small boat. If there's time between family, deliveries and customer meetings, you'll probably find Linus on a padel court.

Johannes Cavallin

Solving the human puzzle has always been something that has fascinated Johannes. This can be seen both in his hobbies and in his professional roles over the last 12 years where sales and leadership have been in focus.

With international work experience from large parts of Europe with a focus on business development and sales in the tech and wellness industry, Johannes has now taken the step to help other companies and organisations with their development in culture, sales and leadership.

With Johannes, you're never far from a challenge, a laugh or an insightful question. When Johannes is not wrestling with difficult and exciting issues at various workplaces, you will find him in a training room (or Dojo) practising Brazilian jujutsu. A sport that challenges both body and mind. You have to take into account not only what happens, but also how things happen and, perhaps most importantly, why!