Fredrik Husberg

Fredrik is highly respected for his great drive and no-nonsense manner of achieving change for our clients. Apart from his convincing southern Swedish dialect and 15 years’ experience within the industry, Fredrik also has some hidden sports skills which he ensures to maintain and keep current.

Fredrik has a passionate drive to achieve things and thrives when he has to juggle multiple challenges. Fredrik is interested in the power of his own and others’ behaviours and has a great ability to build genuine team spirit in whatever environment he’s in. He is excited to make necessary changes in order to bring an organisation to their next level. In his spare time, Fredrik likes to be involved in high-intensity activities such as playing football or perhaps ripping off a few box jumps during a CrossFit workout. When he doesn’t put his fitness to the test, he loves to travel and relax with friends and family.

Martin Forsman

To Martin, most things are possible, and the rest is a matter of attitude. He is a to-the-point kind of guy who excels when the pace is high and loves to push our customers outside of their comfort zone. His way of relaxing often involves a swim in the open sea on a freezing cold November evening. Ah well…. we are all different.

Martin is an experienced consultant who loves to drive change both in the long and short term. Martin’s modus operandi is fast paced, and his motto is “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?”. In his profession, Martin is a good listener and has a strong sense of empathy. He is the type of guy most people love to hang out with. He is a great communicator during meetings and has a valuable ability to summarise and clarify what needs to be done moving forward. There is never a dull moment during his spare time. His family is his top priority, but he also tries to find time for some powder skiing and ice hockey. For more relaxing activities, Martin often opts to fish or - as mentioned - jump on his push bike and cycle down to the sea for a swim. Regardless of the season, that’s relaxation to Martin!

John Thornberg

Despite his many years in the industry, John still has a tireless passion to help his customers achieve success. Outside of his role as a consultant, John has a great passion for football and acts as an agent for about 15 players (where does he find the time, we wonder).

John has worked as a consultant for almost 20 years since he finished his degree in economics at the University of Lund in 2001. What is astonishing is that he has work with more than 100 organisations from a wide range of industries. If that’s not experience, what is? John is driven by delivering improvements and he has an impressive ability to identify new opportunities. Being focused on what’s important, he’s able to achieve great results by implementing fairly small changes. John is keen to use new technology and he is often an early adaptor of new sales, negotiations and leadership tools. He is always happy to put in an extra effort to ensure the customers achieve the results they expect, and goes the extra mile to make sure the team achieve success together. John is strongly committed to deliver useful and sustainable results that will last far beyond the end of the consultant’s assignment. Is anyone worried about John not having enough to do in his spare time? Don’t! John is a licenced football agent, with about 15 Swedish and Norwegian players under his belt.

Catarina Joneil

Catarina thrives when she is challenged, either by herself or others, particularly when it comes to sales, a field which is close to her heart. To dare stepping outside that famous box is what Catarina is doing on a daily basis. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of her as she’s swooshing past at the racing track.

Catarina has extensive experience from a wide range of leadership roles with people management responsibilities - both as consulting manager and sales director. At one stage in her life, Catarina ran her own business focusing on sales processes and CRM systems (surprise!), meaning she has brought with her highly valuable knowledge to her current role. As a consultant, Catarina is results-oriented and loves to see people develop and grow and dare to take risks, as evidenced by her outside gig as a Body Pump instructor. During the summer months, she gets her adrenaline fix from car racing.

Daniel Kelly

Daniel has a curious approach to and genuine interest in people. He feels particularly enthusiastic when he can help others reach their goals -as enthusiastic (well, almost anyway) as he is about downhill skiing.

Daniel loves interactions with other people and is particularly passionate about people’s behaviours and what it is that drives them to behave in a certain fashion. Over the last 13 years, Daniel has been fortunate to witness people develop and grow in their roles within various enterprises. As a consultant, Daniel has a curious approach and a really honest commitment to the people he works with. He loves to take control and inspire when it is required, but he knows when to listen and observe and to assess the thoughts and behaviours of others. His time outside work is primarily devoted to his family, although we suspect skiing is something he loves doing, particularly after having spent five full seasons in the Alps.

Jessica Schöön

Jessica is passionate about people and business operations. She is driven by the conviction that great results come from a deep understanding of both. Jessica’s consultant style has been described as “matter of fact” and free from worn out clichés. Instead, she provides honest, accurate and constructive feedback.

An area that is close to Jessica’s heart is what’s called Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is about developing one’s mental strength to access enormous potential within that person. One of Jessica’s strengths is that she is approachable and assertive at the same time, meaning she is perceived as a natural authority. She is often challenging people, but only if there is a clearly understood purpose behind it. And she always does it with the right intention and a dose of quirky humour. Jessica’s commitment is evident outside work as well. She loves to spend time with family and friends, to exercise and hike, as well as getting together for parties. Some 10 people show up on Jessica’s patio every Saturday at 8 am for a fresh cup of coffee followed by an intense Kettlebell session – every weekend, all year around!

Per Björksten

Per has extensive leadership experience from roles as sales director and head of learning and development in large organisations. With the motto “It’s always worth a shot”, Per loves to challenge himself and others to continuous progression and development.

As a leader, Per has always been able to bring out the best in people, which is something he applies to his consultant role as well. People appreciate Per for his honesty, commitment and his ability to simplify things. With his great interest in people, he is a great listener who cares for people’s wellbeing and happiness – and thus makes sure they are able to perform at their best. In his free time, Per spends his time with the family and enjoys supporting his kids in their various activities. Per is also a keen football spectator who loves to follow his team, if he’s not out at sea fishing.

Marian Saad Saour

Marian is a ray of sunshine with high ambitions. She enjoys helping companies to reach new heights and always aims to exceed their expectations. Marian has a true passion for change management and business development.

Marian takes every opportunity she gets to establish commitment when managing changes in an organization. This she does through dialogue, reflection, and structure. Marian also has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University with a specialization in strategy and management control. When Marian is not helping companies to grow and develop; she is weak for the other goods things in life. Culinary dining's are at times replaced with the long-awaited Taco Fridays, and long walks are exchanged with breathtaking trips. Next in line is here dream destination Japan with its culture, nature, and adventures.

Isabella Elovaara

Isabella believes that the employees are the most valuable assets of an organization and she is committed to seeing employees grow and reach their full potential. To forge a team out of individuals in order to reach common goals is key in Isabella’s strategic thinking.

During her career she has worked with building successful corporate cultures as well as with engaging leaders and employees to work more sustainably. Isabella strongly believes in the importance of work-life balance; to work smartly, efficiently, and sustainably while at the same time maintaining the balance between work and private life. Her curiosity and interest for her surroundings is also reflected in her life outside work. Isabella loves discovering new corners of the world and all that it comprises - meeting new people while experiencing new cultures, views, and dishes.