Inhouse competency development is boosting new enthusiasm within the group

Addtech is a Swedish technology trading group which today comprises of over 130 independent companies targeting customers in the manufacturing, production and infrastructure sectors. Addtech’s history spans over a hundred years and they have continued to build their success on the same business idea of the founders back in 1906.

The group provides training for their employees under its educational arm – Addtech Academy. The purpose is clear; to build Addtech’s employees’ skills and to provide them with the right professional development tools in order to succeed in their roles.

For the last 4 years, Lime Intenz has been delivering Addtech Academy’s sales and leadership training programs. The concept consists of three different programs in sales and entrepreneurship, as well as a 10-day tailored sales managers program. The goal is for all 1,200 employees within the group’s sales organisations to complete the program.

”We see clear evidence of progression in the people who have completed the sales leadership program. Those companies achieve their goals more frequently and their working methods are better as they have implemented the tools in their way of working.”

Per Lundblad, Business Manager at Power Solutions, Addtech