Tailored training from start to finish

AddPro is one of the premier applications and cloud-integrators in Sweden. The company was founded in year 2000 by four passionate technology enthusiasts and is today a full-fledged supplier of tailored IT solutions with over 300 employees.

Addpro selected Intenz as its partner to deliver a comprehensive training program across the entire company. The program was focused on the sales behaviour within Addpro and was designed in several stages and delivered at different levels throughout the organisation. This meant that Addpro’s employees tested their ability to respond to customers based on different situations and demands. In addition, we have developed tools for salespeople to better plan their time and conduct customer meetings based on a predetermined plan.

Today, AddPro can harvest the fruit from the investment. The organisation is now better at focusing on tasks that generate added value for both AddPro itself and its customers.

“Lime Intenz has helped me gain a better appreciation of my work and how to apply a methodology for planning. They have helped me perform my sales efforts in a more goal-oriented way, as opposed to simply providing a service. I now have tools to show how our solution can help the customer in a strategic way, and I’ve learnt a few tricks on how to turn an objection to my advantage.”

Business man, Addpro