From service to sales with the right tools and situation training exercises

Bjurfors is one of Sweden’s largest privately-owned real estate agencies. The business was established in 1965 and now has operations in both smaller towns and large urban regions. 600 dedicated staff members assist Bjurfors’ customers to close really awesome property deals on a daily basis.

With their focus on highly satisfied customers, Bjurfors has made a conscious decision to work with Lime Intenz and thus provide their agents with tools through various training and development activities in sales. An objective has been to transform the agent role from that of a service provider to one with a more sales driven approach.

Together with Bjurfors, we have jointly designed a structure that allows their real estate agents to have a more focused approach and to feel more confident when meeting various types of customers. With this as a foundation, Bjurfors has been able to deliver their own inhouse training, based on the demands they face on a daily basis.

"Lime Intenz quickly familiarised itself with the specific challenges and customer situations we face, as well as the typical vocabulary that is characteristic for our industry. This has allowed for a hassle-free implementation and fast results."

Sven-Erik Kristensen, Regional director Bjurfors