New demands on the seller

The last two years have meant a change for sales organizations and place new demands on both sales representatives and managers. At the same time, B2B customers’ preferences have changed when it comes to meeting culture. Therefore, we must adapt our old sales and presentation techniques to the hybrid meetings of the future. Which meetings should continue to be conducted digitally and which must take place physically?

How do you reach your full potential digitally?

Studies have shown that physical meetings have an impact rate of 100%, while digital video meetings only have 60%. If the person also turns off the camera, the degree of influence will be even lower. The course is held by experts in digital sales training who have helped companies such as AddLife, TTI, Alnab, Addtech and Visma Financial Solutions to influence more in the digital meeting.

Physical meetings 100% 10% 5% 60% 30% E-mail SMS/Chat Phone Digital with video

Who is this education for?

The training is developed for everyone who has meetings with customers and suppliers digitally and for you who want to master the meeting and be slightly ahead of your competitors. A selection of the content:


How do you get the technology to work in the best way? How do you best share the presentation, avoid the hassle of technology and use the camera in the best way?

Presentation technique

How do you use body language and voice to make contact, and get the customer to remember your meeting more than just for a week?

Sales technology

Case training and sales techniques that are best suited both physically and digitally. How can you, by challenging the customer more, close more deals?

"A sales training with a focus on advice and tips on how we succeed in the digital meeting with our customers. Very good set-up with concrete sales tools."

Alnab Armatur AB

Don't miss the opportunity!

Our average grade from the course’s previous participants is 4.5 out of 5. For us, quality in our educations is important and we therefore ensure that each course opportunity is limited to 12 participants. In this way, everyone gets time and space to ask, practice and be coached. The training is popular, so do not wait too long if you want to secure a place for this occasion!

Meet one of our experts!

Responsible for the course is Ted Bragfeldt, digital sales expert at Lime Intenz with several years of experience in sales, digital coaching and behavior change.

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