Involvement that makes a difference

Veidekke is Scandinavia’s fourth largest construction and civil engineering company with headquarters in Oslo. The company was founded in 1936 and is characterized by a strong corporate culture where commitment and involvement are an important part that forms the basis for the business’ success.

When Veidekke replaced their previous case management system with Lime CRM, they got in touch with Lime Intenz. Through workshops in change management, they have gained new insights on how change should be driven through and received in the best way by their users.

Veidekke highlights that the educations have been interesting and rewarding, but above all forced a much-needed break to talk about which soft values should not be missed during the project. It has been eye-opening in terms of what drives us humans and what it takes to succeed. Together with Lime Intenz, an action plan was developed that continues to be worked on.

“The training in change management creates incredible conditions for success. Lime Intenz is not like any other management consultant, they actually have experience of how others implement system support, which is a strength. ”

Jens Ekelund Rosberg, Business & Process Manager, Veidekke Sweden