OF Ekeri is a company with its roots in Markaryd, Sweden, which since it was foundend in 1995 has had a strong focus on customer relations. From the beginning, their goal has been clear: to be Sweden’s leading retailer of transport solutions and spare parts. With a focus on not only leading customers to secure business, but they are also taking a big step forward in the industry by striving for climate-neutral production of, among other things, trailers.

OF Ekeri is one of Lime Technologies’ longest-standing customers and the company’s CEO, Fredrick Gripenwarg, says that from the very beginning they have understood the importance of leveraging the digital solutions that today’s world offers. With the help of Lime Technologies, the company has successfully grown and developed in both existing and new business areas.

The key ingredient in the recipe for success has been the understanding that they cannot rely solely on new technology but must also cherish personal relationships, provide a high level of service and nurture a close customer relationship. Therefore in 2022 , OF Ekeri took the plunge and started working with Lime Intenz.

The transport industry is facing an imminent paradigm shift. The pace of development is only increasing, and OF Ekeri needed to not only challenge old truths but also implement behavioural change. That’s where we at Lime Intenz came in.


Solution & Results

With a new owner and management, OF Ekeri faced new challenges both internally and externally. We at Lime Intenz have helped OF Ekeri through the process and acted as a trusted partner along the way by creating both understanding and joy for the development the company has gone through.

Fredrik believes that their industry is facing a clear paradigm shift where the focus is increasingly shifting towards sustainable transport solutions, which has placed new demands on how they conduct their sales operations. They are also investing in creating proper growth under the company’s new management where we at Lime Intenz are helping them to transform and develop their sales process with proven strong results.

"Thanks to Lime Intenz, we have been able to achieve the realisation that we can reach our growth targets by embracing the new demands we face. By being the fastest and best at adapting, change becomes an advantage rather than a problem."

Fredrick Gripenwarg, CEO of OF Ekeri

Security, Joy and Willpower

Through workshops with us at Lime Intenz, OF Ekeri has gained more confidence, joy and willpower in her work. Today, Lime Intenz is as much a given tool for the company as a hammer is for a carpenter!

  • Confidence that change is not a negative thing if you think the right way.
  • Joy during fantastic lectures that inspired and created added value for all employees.
  • Willingness to evolve and become even better thanks to the awesome inspiration that we at Lime Intenz not only convey but also awaken within the employees.

The company has been working with our consultant Josefin Garin and Fredrik describes their collaboration as something extra special as he feels that she has managed to inspire and inspire the will to improve in all employees at the company.


I see the collaboration with Lime Intenz as a natural part of our daily work. We constantly need to develop and adapt, both in terms of internal company culture and sales strategy.”

Fredrick Gripenwarg, CEO of OF Ekeri


Would you like to achieve the same results as OF Ekeri? Contact us at Lime Intenz and we will develop a plan together on how we can help you and solve your problems.